I was graduated from Yildiz Technical University, which is one of Turkey’s leading universities, Chemical Engineering Department in 2004. When I was studying at the university, I was tutoring lessons in chemistry, mathematics, physics and science. Later, I worked as a chemistry/science teacher in a private education tutoring school. I completed my master’s degree formation as a chemistry teacher which allowed me to work in all schools in Turkey as a Chemistry/Science Teacher. In addition, I started my master’s degree in chemical engineering. But, with the birth of my daughter, I quit my second master thesis.

After working for 8 years as a chemistry/science teacher, I was promoted as the head of the chemistry and the department of science. Two years later, I was promoted to the Deputy Principal of the Secondary School. After working for 3 years as the Deputy Principal of the Secondary School, I worked for 2 years as the Principal of the Secondary and High School director.

During my work, except for my business, I participated in many programmes to help and support young people. One of them is the Duke of Edinburgh International Youth Award. I worked as an award leader supervisor and coordinator. Another one is for gifted and talented students, I developed some activities in science and maths with my colleagues.

During the period I worked, I realized the importance of personal development and participated in many training programs. After my training in mentoring and coaching, there was a huge change in my attitude on life. It is possible for each student to reach the maximum of his / her potential with proper directions. In this context, I am coaching and mentoring and try my best to guide the students and their parents to make the right choice for the right high school and the right university.

I also help people to achieve what they want to do.


Director of Question Company