Gulsun, Mother : Sinem is a fantastic tutor. Sinem’s manner is calm and reassuring. She is an extremely patient tutor who gives encouragement to her pupil through the session. Her fun and intriguing attitudes make our daughter adorable to science. I would recommend Sinem to any parent.

Shehide, Finance Expert  : Sinem has been a fantastically thorough chemistry/math tutor to my son. She has raised his understanding of the subject and his performance at school dramatically and I would recommend her with no reservations whatsoever.

Derin, Student : Sinem Teacher helps me as a coach and she is very experienced, knowledgeable and original in her work. I had a lot of concerns when preparing for the exams. The most important thing for me was the stress of exams, and thanks to my teacher I was able to overcome this. I enter the exam very comfortably and I’m sure of myself. At the same time, it is also very helpful for me to set the course of study and determine my deficiencies

Sheymus, Engineer : Working with Sinem is like a magic touch. I confronted with the facts that I could not confess even to myself with her powerful questions. Some times  I am very stressfull and i remember the question that her asking me in our last coaching session, “what perspective can you bring to this?” With that it gets easier to manage my feelings. Sharing my thoughts  that I could not tell anyone, is a process that brought me so many positive approaches. It’s a best thing I’ve met Sinem.

Banu, Mother  : Dear Sinem, I’d like to thank you for your efforts on my kids. You’re not only great teacher and also you’re great role model for my kids. I’m happy to advice you to all my friends. Many Thanks

Ercan, Father: She started to tutoring for my children in September, now my children’s science is better and getting in proof I am thankful to Mrs Sinem Ozdek. She is kind, honest and very good person and teacher. I recommend her to anyone that is looking to improve their kids science.